Gift Box Ideas, Unique, and Creative

Gift Box Ideas, Unique, and Creative

A gift box is defined as a box containing a gift intended as a gift to someone else. If you look at its initial appearance, its initial purpose was as a gift from a company brand to its loyal customers.

So, you can say that this box containing gifts was originally a form of appreciation for the loyalty of customers who always choose products from this brand. The contents of the prizes are products that are frequently purchased, so customers can get them for free.

Currently, the role of gift box has shifted, and many people from the general public also use boxes containing gifts to give to other people for different purposes and occasions.

The contents are also adjusted to the moment of giving the gift box, you can find all the gifts yourself and arrange them as best as possible to make them look more attractive.

Gift Box Design Ideas

Gift Box Design

There are so many gift box ideas that you can try to make it look more attractive, and modern, with the right combination and not too much.

The type of box used is a hard box which is sturdy and easy to decorate, easy to adjust to the size of the gift, and safe for containers.

Below are several ideas for making gift box that you can try, let's take a look at the review.

Gift Box for Christmas Moments

During Christmas, it is very common for people celebrating Christmas to send gifts to each other. It was at this moment that the idea of making gift boxes became very popular.

Generally, the type is like a parcel, but nowadays quite a few people choose to put Cookies and various other types of pastries in boxes, and then decorate them with ribbons and Christmas greeting stickers.

You can use a green ribbon and form a diamond which is synonymous with the Christmas moment. You can also choose a combination of Red and Green to add a stronger impression.

Gift Box as an Expression of Love

You can also use gift box to store souvenirs. Currently, there are many types of souvenirs, not only in the form of knick-knacks but also be snacks such as chocolate.

You can also look for inspiration for wrapping gifts in the form of sweet chocolate on special days like Valentine's or gift for mother's day. Make a chocolate box with a cute pink design that represents affection. You can also order heart-shaped chocolates.

Wedding Souvenir Gift Box

Wedding moments also provide many interesting souvenirs for guests. Search for a box made from durable material to ensure its longevity. Visitors can also use the box for other things.

How to make a box for souvenirs? This depends on the size and number of souvenirs. Generally, the contents of wedding souvenirs are in the form of glasses or pouches. You can make a box size that fits the size of the souvenir. This will make it look practical and not difficult to carry.

You can also add a strap to make it nicer and easier to carry. Make an aesthetic rope and don't just choose the material. Currently, many people use wood to make twisted ropes which are quite strong but still aesthetic.

DIY Gift Box Ideas for Business Purpose

Corporate Gift box

Those of you who have creative skills and ideas can also empower them to open a business making gift boxes for various events.

You can try making a DIY box which is easier to make and you can adjust the quality of the materials according to your budget.

When you want to make your box, make sure you find a cardboard box provider that is made from strong material and doesn't look cheap. You can also order colored cardboard base materials, you can look for providers via the Internet to collaborate.

Then if we talk about DIY, you can also explore using other materials to make gift boxes. You can combine cardboard and mica plastic which functions as a display, so people will be able to see the contents of the box without having to open it first.

Experiment with dried leaves arranged artistically to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your DIY gift box.

Ordinary Gift Box Design in General

The gift box is just a box. The only different thing is the sticker design, the design of selecting and combining thematic colors, and the ornaments added to the box to beautify its appearance.

Lots of people provide gift box design templates on the internet or social media. You can contact them to make a design for you. You can also negotiate to customize the design to suit the type of gift that will be included in it.

If you are an anti-mainstream person, you can combine striking colors to create a bold impression. Most box designs only use the basic color of cardboard, namely light brown, even though you can also make a breakthrough by creating a combination of colors that have never been seen before.

Chocolate Gift Box

Another example is chocolate. Most chocolates are rectangular in shape, of course, this is easier to wrap and arrange in a box. But you have to pay attention to the placement and also the decorative elements, make sure that all the elements support each other, not make the combination look bad.

Several designs from chocolate brands have different color themes, some use the dominant color brown, others dominantly red, purple, and so on. So what you can do is create a sticker design with a color that matches the basic color of the chocolate brand design you choose.

The cardboard box's primary color is brown. Pay attention to sticker placement, ensuring a balanced and visually appealing composition. This is what makes your chocolate gift box look attractive and will make the person receiving the gift even happier.

Chocolate gift box ideas seem to never end and are among the most popular. Apart from the fact that chocolate itself is many people's favorite food, making designs for gift box containing chocolate is also simple but striking. The color combinations used are usually not too many, just two colors, dark and light brown, which are quite good and attractive.

Chocolate is also very suitable for many occasions, it can be included in the wedding segment, Valentine's Day, graduation celebrations, birthdays, and several other occasions.

Creating a Music Box Gift

Gifts vary based on the occasion and the recipient's preferences. Some people like food, some like antiques, and some like music. Moreover, music is a universal language so of course, almost no one doesn't like music.

This is what makes music box gift so popular. We encountered many of them when we were small, where we found many classical music brains that played lullabies when opened. Not a few people are still interested in music boxes even when they are adults, you might even be able to find an old music box that is still stored at your grandfather's or parent's house. This means that a gift in the form of a music box is timeless.

The gift in the music box can be a miniature musical instrument that looks real and beautiful. The choice of type of musical instrument that will be included in the music box must also be considered. Consider the recipient's preferences; do they enjoy piano music? If yes, then you can choose a music box with a miniature piano instrument.

Another innovation related to music boxes is using miniatures or action figures of artists or singers. Consider creating a music box featuring miniature members of your friend's favorite band, like Linkin Park. When opened, it plays the band's popular tunes. Isn't this a very good idea?

How to Wrap a Gift Box?


How to gift wrap a box? To do this, as discussed previously, you must first determine the type of item you will put in the gift box. After that, you will know the size and can determine what size box is suitable.

You need to remember that the shape of a box with angled sides is quite complicated and makes it difficult to work with. Wrapping will require several defining elements. Say, when you want to include a gift in the form of a drink or syrup bottle, of course, you have to choose a box that is high enough. Then to ensure safety so that it doesn't break, you can use cloth fibers or long wood fibers with an aesthetic appearance.

You have to remember that apart from paying attention to the safety of the goods, you also pay attention to the aesthetic side which is the essence of the gift box itself.

Final Words

Congratulations on learning the art of making amazing gift boxes! With every box you create, you're not just giving a present; you're sharing happiness and love.

Remember, the best gift boxes come from your heart. They're not just about the stuff inside; they're about the care and thought you put into them.

So, as you make your gift boxes, think about the person receiving it and the occasion. Let your creativity shine, and enjoy the joy of giving. Your gift boxes aren't just containers; they're little bundles of love, ready to make someone's day brighter.

That's a review of the idea of making gift box with various types of designs and also the types of gifts placed in them. Hopefully, the review above can inspire you and be useful.

Happy gifting!

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